At Household of Faith, we are not a church with Small Groups, but a church of Small Groups.

The easiest way to fully experience all that The House has to offer is to get connected through our small groups! It’s an opportunity to make friends while growing in your own walk with God.

We have four, six-week semesters each year, so you have the opportunity to try out different groups and experience different communities. We encourage group leaders to meet anywhere from homes to parks to coffee shops throughout Ascension Parish, or online through any online meeting platform.

Each semester is given 6 weeks off before the next as a buffer period for groups who exceed the six-week semester, or for any informal meetings (which are highly encouraged)!


“Free Market” groups are designed to create Christ-centered communities, but with a specific shared interest or focal point. Whether it’s a gym squad, guitar class, couples group, book club, or just a regular Bible study, there’s a group that’s been designed with you in mind!

  • Gender specific and Co-ed groups
  • Inviting and judgement free communities
  • Wide range of interest, styles, and topics

Those interested in leading a group must have completed Next Steps first before their group can be registered.


HOF YTH has it’s on set of small groups each semester that are designed specifically for youth and lead by our YTH leaders.

We highly encourage anyone from high school through college to join a YTH small group where they can connect with students their own age and discuss the issues that matter most to them in a safe environment.


Change has been the biggest buzz word over the past year, and in no way has the Church been exempt from that.

We understand that for many in our congregation meeting in person is not the best option at the moment, but we also understand what a lack of community does to our personal well-being. So this year we are officially introducing Virtual Small Groups! This way community can still be a priority with your safety in mind!

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